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My etsy shop

Posted by Kristin on July 24, 2010

I realize there have been quite a few people asking me what happened to my etsy shop.

It is closed and I have no plans to re-open it at all.  I did very well on there but not because of etsy, because I was lucky enough to have the Today Show talk about my accessories on TV.  After all of that died down I just realized that I didn’t have time or really even want to put in the effort to keep the shop.  For anyone that does not sell on Etsy, in order to keep your shop on the top of the search engines you basicly need to do something with it everyday.  For the amount that I was getting out of it, it just was not worth it to me at all.  Especially since I had so many other projects going on as well.  I really didn’t have fun doing it, and it showed.

Etsy is great for a lot of people, it really is a community.  But I think that is part of the problem.  I feel like most of the people that buy on etsy also sell on etsy.  But for instance when I was shown on the Today Show I got a lot of shoppers that have never used etsy before and they just didn’t get it.  I spent more time canceling double and triple orders from people, chasing them down for payments, and explaining how everything worked than I did actually making and selling things and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I am still selling my items, and I will probably make more stuff.  Right now, I am just selling it out of my salon, and I do an occasional direct sale.  Hopefully when my website is done, I will have a small area where you can purchase my accessories, but for right now if you would like anything that I used to sell you can contact me on here, or through my facebook fan page


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Time Out NY

Posted by Kristin on July 24, 2010

A few weeks ago a writer from Time Out NY came to visit the Loom and our salon, Tomahawk.  She loved our space and gave us a great write up in the magazine for the week of July 22-28.

Here is a link to the write up, but I am also going to just post what was written as well.

and because it is not that long… here is what it said

Tomahawk Salon After shuttering her Williamsburg boutique Femme Fatal, owner Chantal Savaresse decided to open up shop in Bushwick’s brand-new hipster minimall, the Shops at the Loom. The store concept is similar to her previous endeavor (part vintage, part indie designers), but this time she’s teamed up with hair stylist Kristin Jackson—known for her wacky editorial work and for styling Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” video—to bring customers the best of both fashion and beauty. Stop by the cozy space, which is decked out like a turn-of-the-century saloon, to get your hair cut by Savaresse ($50 for ladies, $30 for guys) or dyed by Jackson ($80 for single process). After you’re spiffed up, browse the racks on the opposite wall for offbeat pieces, such as New York Couture skirts adorned with giant hamburger decals ($120), BB Dakota graphic flower-print dresses ($79) and vintage nautical skirts ($23), any of which an in-house seamstress will tailor to your liking ($35 for a total dress renovation). 10 Porter Ave at Thames St, Bushwick, Brooklyn (646-399-6873, Tue–Fri 12:30–8:30pm, Sat 11:30am–7pm.

The best part is that there will be another article to come, only this time highlighting The Loom it self and talking about all the shops so keep an eye out.

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Katy Perry California Gurls

Posted by Kristin on July 8, 2010

So I realize that I have not updated my blog since March…  I feel like I haven’t done too much exciting, since then… but in reality I have done a lot of really great things that should make my career even better.

I did take some time off I had some drama in my life that happened between March and now that kind affected my work, and I shouldn’t have let it, but its hard no to.  But that is over and done, and now I am back and better than ever.  Thank god I am pretty resilient.

I also started working full time at a salon in Brooklyn, so my photoshoot time has been less, so I have had to be more choosy.  Check out my salon’s page http://www.Tomahawk (trying to link it and for some reason it isnt working.. but cut and paste is everyones friend right?) and if you are in NYC book an appointment with me.. hopefully if you are reading my blog you would trust me to do your hair haha.

The best and most important update that I have is that got the amazing opportunity to style wigs for Katy Perry’s new video California Gurls.  I had to make wigs that looked like strawberries, peppermint, bubble gum and caramel.  Plus hearts for Katy.  I was so excited to do this video because not only did a get a mini vaca to LA but I got to meet tons of great people including Snoop Dog…

here is the video!!

Hopefully more will come of it, Katy was seriously the sweetest thing ever, and a really great person so

I also did some photoshoots with Doe Deere of Lime Crime Make-up with the Fabulous Steve Prue I will post some of those pictures later….

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New York Couture Fashion show

Posted by Kristin on March 18, 2010

So behind in everything, today is my catch up day… between etsy, going through pictures from shoots, and blog posts hopefully it gets all done today.  I guess so outside time for me 😦

Last Friday was the New York Couture Fashion show as well as Cassie’s birthday party.

Her clothes were crazy this season, I know I say that every season but this time, she went for it and made hamburger skirts and shirts, pizza skirts, watermelon skirts.. you name it Cassie probably figured out how to make a dress out of it… and thats why I like her.

I figure out a way to cover everything in hair, she figures out a way to make everything out of fabric.. thats why we click.

So what did I do this season as far as hair…

I made mouse ears, hearts and bunny ears out of hair. I mean why not?

I couldn’t have done it by myself of course I had my trusty De to help me out.

and of course I will be selling these hair pieces on my etsy shop (link will open a new window)

The show went well, there were some problems with the club that it is not my place to get into.  I feel sorry for Cassie that she had to go through it and that hey messed up her birthday party.  And sorry to all the fans that waited for ever only to get kicked out right after the show even though nothing had happened…

bottom line from that experience. I will never attend any event at Green House ever again

now back to the happiness and the pictures, all shot by Steve Prue @

everyone after the show!

check behind the cut to see the rest!!

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backstage at New York Couture shoot, plus preview of a new etsy item!

Posted by Kristin on March 15, 2010

Last week I met up with Cassie and Steve Prue to do a practice run of the make-up look before her Runway show that was on the 12th (later blog to come about that)

The model was “Big” Alex (only because she is tall and we have a “little”, [short] Alex too.)  This was the first time I saw her with her new way short hair cut, I was nervous at first but it is seriously a great cut, although it limited what I could do with her her, so I went for straight curled under and super shiney…

I also did the make-up for this shoot… And maybe some of you will notice that this make-up is pretty much spot on (only better) to my club trademark club make-up that I wore in the early 2000.  Cassie was in love with it, so thats what we went for… It even ended up being the look for the show haha.

me circa 2004

Blue lips? why not?


But what is on her face you ask?

the best part… my a preview of what is to come on my etsy shop, Princess De La Coiffure… in about a week

more hair ridiculousness.

Hair Glasses!!


now for the interactive part…

would you rather wear these in colors that match your hair or crazy colors?

and you bet there will be a pair drenched in swarovski crystals as well.. just has to be or it wouldn’t be me haha

By the way, wondering where you can get the amazing blue and orange lip colors?  They are of course Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

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Backstage at the New York Couture Look Book shoot

Posted by Kristin on February 10, 2010

So behind in updating… had a little family upset but all is well now. Last Sunday was the new New York Couture look book shoot..  It was interesting.  I didn’t feel as well prepared for it, because the last two times I had made hair pieces in advance this time. I didn’t so it was weird…

instead I just brought this...

Since I didn’t know the entire look I literally went in my hair drawer and scooped everything out, threw it in a bag and left…   I really need to brush that stuff haha. And that picture isn’t even half of it..

We had two models.. Ewelyna and Gesche both models that I have been shooting with pretty frequently.  Also  it was great to see the make-up artist Erica again.. hadn’t seen her since the show and she is always fun to see, she has the best stories, and the craziest life. Plus I love her because she is never afraid to just pile make-up on someone’s face…  And of course the photographer was Steve Prue.. i mean who else would it be really…

Erica's butt and me looking confused...

The looks were pretty cool this season. I had two favorites.. but Cassie is being super secretive this season, so this is all she will show…

one of my favorite outfits...

my other favorite outfit!

Hopefully in March Cassie is having her birthday/ fashion show so everyone will get to see it on the runway… Can’t wait to plan those looks.

I feel like I did another shoot and I can’t remember… too crazy.

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featured in Auxiliary Magazine… twice and new Raquel again!

Posted by Kristin on February 3, 2010

About a month or so ago Steve Prue, Raquel Reed, and Doe Deere from Lime Crime did a quick photoshoot with this awesome designer from London named Emma Bell.  Think crazy bright colors a la New York Couture, but not as cutsey/girlie…  The clothes were awesome, and I was sick as a dog… We submmitted a bunch of images of Raquel, Doe Deere, and Dylan (who you will see later in this post) to auxilary, but in the end they only used the Doe Deere images because they did an interview with her.  No complaints just sad that the ones with Raquel and Dylan aren’t going to be used for anything beacause they are equally as cool.. but such is life.

here is one final of Raquel, I love her creepy face.

oh Raquel....

Now for what is featured in auxiliary

The cover

the rest is behind the cut because it is mostly images… but you can download the whole issue for free at

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so much to talk about!

Posted by Kristin on January 28, 2010

So I have been totally lacking on the updates.. and it is because of these….

Hello my name is Kristin and I work in a bow factory

As many of you guys know (because I posted about it) Bobbie Thomas called me a few weeks ago because she wanted to show my bows and headbands as a hair trend for 2010.  I made a million samples for her in a few days, had a mini photoshoot with them and all listed on etsy.  I am proud to say that the last few orders will be going out on Friday and everything should be done..

If you would like to read the article that Bobbie wrote and also see the segment  you can click here .  Kathy Lee even put on one of my bow headbands!!

Kathy Lee

If you still haven’t gotten your hair bow or want to check out my shop go to once all the orders from this month are out I have new stuff to list! so keep checking!

I also have done some new shoots with New York Couture, Steve Prue for Auxiliary with the amazing Katie Peligrino for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (check out their lip tars! seriously amazing!), Raquel Reed, and Nori Zay…

These shoots I did both hair and Make-up

New! New York Couture Mustache Necklace

Nori Zay by ASTONishing Photography

Can’t wait to get the new Raquel pictures, and see the spread in Auxiliary next month!

Also coming up I am shooting the New York Couture lookbook in the up coming week so tons of new photos coming soon!

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The Today Show

Posted by Kristin on January 12, 2010

So I got a phone call a few days ago asking me to bring some of my hair bows and new braided headbands over to Bobbie Thomas to be featured on The Today Show!

I literally worked my butt off all weekend and seriously made a ton of head bands, even had a mini photoshoot with them,

So today I dropped off all my samples.  Bobbie chose her favorites and now I am awaiting the show tomorrow..

For anyone that wants to watch, the segment is going to be on the TODAY show on Tuesday January 12, 2010, during the Kathy Lee part of the show.

I am so excited to see how it comes out!

If you want to order any of my braided headbands of hair bows you can go to

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New Raquel Reed!

Posted by Kristin on January 7, 2010

Wow it has been a while since I have posted.  Between working, my etsy shop, the holidays, and the flu season, I have not been able to keep up.

I just received pictures from a photoshoot that I did with Raquel Reed.  actually a long time ago… I believe this was the first shoot that I did with her. And this was the day I also met a great make-up artist and friend Anita Nouryeh.  This day was a crazy day that a photographer from London… Craig Burton came over too NY to shoot a bunch of girls for magazine covers for a British Tattoo magazine called Total Tattoo.  I was only there to do Raquel and Sharon TK’s hair, but when I showed up none of the girls even thought about having their hair done so i actually did all of them.  Long Day.

Raquel and I wanted to channel Amanda Lepore in these pictures, so of course that was my inspiration for the hair.  Look her up if you don’t know her.  She’s awesome.   Still no covers released yet, they are going to start this year, and of course I will post them as soon as they are published!

Raquel of course did her own make-up and the corset and top are by TomTom.

I also just finished up another shoot with Raquel, Doe Deer from Lime Crime make-up, and Steve Prue for a british designer named Emma Bell, seriously crazy clothes. I can’t wait to get the pictures back!

more good news and updates in the next few days so keep an eye out!

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