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Katy Perry California Gurls

Posted by Kristin on July 8, 2010

So I realize that I have not updated my blog since March…  I feel like I haven’t done too much exciting, since then… but in reality I have done a lot of really great things that should make my career even better.

I did take some time off I had some drama in my life that happened between March and now that kind affected my work, and I shouldn’t have let it, but its hard no to.  But that is over and done, and now I am back and better than ever.  Thank god I am pretty resilient.

I also started working full time at a salon in Brooklyn, so my photoshoot time has been less, so I have had to be more choosy.  Check out my salon’s page http://www.Tomahawk (trying to link it and for some reason it isnt working.. but cut and paste is everyones friend right?) and if you are in NYC book an appointment with me.. hopefully if you are reading my blog you would trust me to do your hair haha.

The best and most important update that I have is that got the amazing opportunity to style wigs for Katy Perry’s new video California Gurls.  I had to make wigs that looked like strawberries, peppermint, bubble gum and caramel.  Plus hearts for Katy.  I was so excited to do this video because not only did a get a mini vaca to LA but I got to meet tons of great people including Snoop Dog…

here is the video!!

Hopefully more will come of it, Katy was seriously the sweetest thing ever, and a really great person so

I also did some photoshoots with Doe Deere of Lime Crime Make-up with the Fabulous Steve Prue I will post some of those pictures later….

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One Response to “Katy Perry California Gurls”

  1. Hey Doll-

    Mama should be si proud! This video looks so amazing–you did such a great job and I can’t wait to see more work here on your blog. Congrats on the salon–keep it up!


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