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New York Couture Fashion show

Posted by Kristin on March 18, 2010

So behind in everything, today is my catch up day… between etsy, going through pictures from shoots, and blog posts hopefully it gets all done today.  I guess so outside time for me :(

Last Friday was the New York Couture Fashion show as well as Cassie’s birthday party.

Her clothes were crazy this season, I know I say that every season but this time, she went for it and made hamburger skirts and shirts, pizza skirts, watermelon skirts.. you name it Cassie probably figured out how to make a dress out of it… and thats why I like her.

I figure out a way to cover everything in hair, she figures out a way to make everything out of fabric.. thats why we click.

So what did I do this season as far as hair…

I made mouse ears, hearts and bunny ears out of hair. I mean why not?

I couldn’t have done it by myself of course I had my trusty De to help me out.

and of course I will be selling these hair pieces on my etsy shop (link will open a new window)

The show went well, there were some problems with the club that it is not my place to get into.  I feel sorry for Cassie that she had to go through it and that hey messed up her birthday party.  And sorry to all the fans that waited for ever only to get kicked out right after the show even though nothing had happened…

bottom line from that experience. I will never attend any event at Green House ever again

now back to the happiness and the pictures, all shot by Steve Prue @

everyone after the show!

check behind the cut to see the rest!!


now for back stage!

ugg the rain totally ruined my hair.  at least most of it is fake. but my fringe looks terrible!!

De is seriously the best at Teasing hair….

we even put Raquel to work doing make-up… love her!

Amazing Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies by Sharon surrounded by Chaos

smilie Cassie K!

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3 Responses to “New York Couture Fashion show”

  1. That first picture with all of the heads together is phenomenal! and you look young and gorgeous in your picture! Nice work.

  2. Gosh, love the outfits, i want one for my bday party in august..where can i get one?

  3. Holly said

    Did you close your Etsy? I wanted to buy a headband, but it’s gone now. T_T

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