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backstage at New York Couture shoot, plus preview of a new etsy item!

Posted by Kristin on March 15, 2010

Last week I met up with Cassie and Steve Prue to do a practice run of the make-up look before her Runway show that was on the 12th (later blog to come about that)

The model was “Big” Alex (only because she is tall and we have a “little”, [short] Alex too.)  This was the first time I saw her with her new way short hair cut, I was nervous at first but it is seriously a great cut, although it limited what I could do with her her, so I went for straight curled under and super shiney…

I also did the make-up for this shoot… And maybe some of you will notice that this make-up is pretty much spot on (only better) to my club trademark club make-up that I wore in the early 2000.  Cassie was in love with it, so thats what we went for… It even ended up being the look for the show haha.

me circa 2004

Blue lips? why not?


But what is on her face you ask?

the best part… my a preview of what is to come on my etsy shop, Princess De La Coiffure… in about a week

more hair ridiculousness.

Hair Glasses!!


now for the interactive part…

would you rather wear these in colors that match your hair or crazy colors?

and you bet there will be a pair drenched in swarovski crystals as well.. just has to be or it wouldn’t be me haha

By the way, wondering where you can get the amazing blue and orange lip colors?  They are of course Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

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One Response to “backstage at New York Couture shoot, plus preview of a new etsy item!”

  1. lisa star said

    fun colours of course!!

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