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featured in Auxiliary Magazine… twice and new Raquel again!

Posted by Kristin on February 3, 2010

About a month or so ago Steve Prue, Raquel Reed, and Doe Deere from Lime Crime did a quick photoshoot with this awesome designer from London named Emma Bell.  Think crazy bright colors a la New York Couture, but not as cutsey/girlie…  The clothes were awesome, and I was sick as a dog… We submmitted a bunch of images of Raquel, Doe Deere, and Dylan (who you will see later in this post) to auxilary, but in the end they only used the Doe Deere images because they did an interview with her.  No complaints just sad that the ones with Raquel and Dylan aren’t going to be used for anything beacause they are equally as cool.. but such is life.

here is one final of Raquel, I love her creepy face.

oh Raquel....

Now for what is featured in auxiliary

The cover

the rest is behind the cut because it is mostly images… but you can download the whole issue for free at

Doe Deere's interview

look, thats my ikea frame lol!

So Then I did a beauty story with Steve Prue again, and a make-up artist names Katie Pelegrino who is also part of Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics.  I also got to sneak in one of my swarovski crystal hair bows and braided headbands hehe.  The two models are Ewelina Rak and Dylan Monroe.  They were both great you will see more of Ewelina later for another shoot, but sadly after this shoot Dylan moved to Milan… so no more Dylan, unless he decides he missed New York and moves back…

oh and ps.. The credited me as Kristin Johnson, grr.  but I promise I did it!!


look at the bow... lol

last page needed to be naked.

Next update should be the New York Couture Lookbook that I shot last Sunday… haven’t seen any images but from what I hear they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and the best part!! No Balls are in any hair haha!

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One Response to “featured in Auxiliary Magazine… twice and new Raquel again!”

  1. Awesome, love the bright Pink Reed is wearing and her creepy face (expression) is gor’juss….and sucks they did not use ur images, but u rock!

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