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so much to talk about!

Posted by Kristin on January 28, 2010

So I have been totally lacking on the updates.. and it is because of these….

Hello my name is Kristin and I work in a bow factory

As many of you guys know (because I posted about it) Bobbie Thomas called me a few weeks ago because she wanted to show my bows and headbands as a hair trend for 2010.  I made a million samples for her in a few days, had a mini photoshoot with them and all listed on etsy.  I am proud to say that the last few orders will be going out on Friday and everything should be done..

If you would like to read the article that Bobbie wrote and also see the segment  you can click here .  Kathy Lee even put on one of my bow headbands!!

Kathy Lee

If you still haven’t gotten your hair bow or want to check out my shop go to once all the orders from this month are out I have new stuff to list! so keep checking!

I also have done some new shoots with New York Couture, Steve Prue for Auxiliary with the amazing Katie Peligrino for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (check out their lip tars! seriously amazing!), Raquel Reed, and Nori Zay…

These shoots I did both hair and Make-up

New! New York Couture Mustache Necklace

Nori Zay by ASTONishing Photography

Can’t wait to get the new Raquel pictures, and see the spread in Auxiliary next month!

Also coming up I am shooting the New York Couture lookbook in the up coming week so tons of new photos coming soon!

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2 Responses to “so much to talk about!”

  1. lisa star said

    well done, darling, i’m really so proud. and i’m so happy that you still have those rhino shoes! love them. looking forward to receiving my handmade goodies in a few weeks so i will be as trendy and fabulous as you. okay, well, that’s actually not possible, but i can dream, can’t i? keep up all the hard work as i can see it’s beginning to pay off, at last! xoxo

  2. I love those shoes lol.. but they are dying. I am sad. I am finishing everything up now so I will have it when I come down! see you then!

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